Established on the name of trust, we provide integrated design consultancy services and develop solutions to the most intricate challenges.Working with our accomplished network of experts, we craft spaces suitable for the client.


For us, design is the means and design means everything.The genesis of our design is ‘DOT’, which unfolds to bind our goals and strategies to comply with the needs of our clients.Through interdisciplinary collaboration of experts, here we stand to approach the project in various angles by balancing the design values and the cliental requirements.

Halftone-approachWe begin with an inclusive method of understanding the project’s requirement and client’s sense of taste. Our approach stands sensitive towards the values of design further blending with the technological trends.


We stand on the design values of our company, where the design decisions are majorly influenced for the better future.

  1. Vaastu based design value:

VaastuShastra unifies the religious believes and science. Design is plannedin compliance to the rules of ‘VaastuKala’to ensure harmony between the spaces and maintain equilibrium with the interplay of the elements of nature.

  1. Aesthetic sense of design:

We follow diverse aesthetic expressionsexperimenting with form, materials, and ornamentation to create new aesthetic styles.

  1. Interaction with Natural Environment:

We believe in “open a dialogue” with the surrounding natural environment to decide the materials for the construction, create relationships between buildings and site, ultimately to achieve quality of living.

  1. Consultation and Participation:

This value is connected to a belief that -User involvement in the design process leads to the utmost satisfaction of clients, further adding towards better functional benefits.

  1. Simplicity and Minimalism:

Bringing in the concept of “less is more”, we focus on space management through elegant lighting, large areas minimizing the objects and furniture, creating voids between the spaces, etc., ultimately to understand the beauty in achieving simplicity.

  1. Economic design value:

We tend to offer high quality standard services understanding and working in synchronize with the financial plan and time-frame of the project.